The 9 Hottest Bathroom Trends Right Now

All about the hottest trends in bathroom design right now.

We start and finish our day in the bathroom. It helps us unwind from the day’s stresses plus offers much-needed solitude and a safe space to retreat to. As such, it should be as functional and aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Chances are, your bathroom is already functional. The only area it’s trailing behind in is aesthetics. Lucky for you, you don’t have to do a total overhaul to achieve a new modernized look.

You only need to learn some up-to-date trends in bathroom and incorporate them into your next bathroom remodel.

We will show you 9 of the hottest bathroom trends in 2021 to give your bathroom a new refresh.



Hottest Bathroom Trends 2021:

1. The freestanding bathtub

The 9 Hottest Bathroom Trends Right Now - freestanding bathtub
Credit: Costco

Freestanding bathtubs make for an interesting focal point and bestow a modern dash to the room.

The tub’s design doesn’t matter. It can be curvy to add flow or clean-lined (rectangular and square) for a contemporary vibe.

A bold-colored tub in a neutral bathroom would create the perfect visual drama and show-stopping intrigue.


2. Natural elements

Natural elements
Credit: Tuacasa

Designers and individuals alike are increasingly embracing a biophilic design. It’s hard not to see why, considering its amazing benefits like reduced stress, increased creativity, and the obvious enhanced beauty,, among others.

Dot your bathroom with a few potted houseplants to infuse natural beauty. Snake plants, orchids, lilies, and evergreens are great options.


3. Uniquely shaped tiles

Distinct tiles
Credit: Realhomes

Long gone are the days of conventional rectangular and square tiles. The design world is switching towards distinct and eye-catching tiles, and so should you.

Herringbone, hexagonal, fish scallops, triangular, diamonds, Moroccan fish scales, and arabesque are just some of these statement tiles shapes, which add an unexpected pizzazz.


4. Open shower

The 9 Hottest Bathroom Trends Right Now - open showers
Credit: Mykukun

Open showers visually trick the eye into perceiving extra space and are convenient. The shower can be separated from the rest of the bathroom with glass panels or stairs.

And don’t worry about water spilling or flooding. Clever drainage systems take care of that.

Some people frown upon the lack of privacy, understandably. So it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.


5. Spa-like bathrooms

Spa-like bathrooms
Credit: Zillow

Soothing hues, lightly stained wood, and cool tones like blue and shades of soft mint create a zen-like atmosphere, perfect for retreating to after a crazy day.


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6. Warm tones

Warmer tones
Credit: Concepandcolorways

We’re seeing a shift from the all-white bathrooms that had dominated 2019 and 2020 to much warmer and cozy hues.

Wooden elements around your bathroom, like shelves or toilet rails, induce an intimate, inviting aura. Earth-toned paint colors such as murky browns, taupes, and chocolate brown do the job as well.

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7. Color me black

The 9 Hottest Bathroom Trends Right Now - black painted walls
Credit: Hunker

Black is the new grey. It adds depth, a layer of sophistication, and to top it off, is timeless.

Take the plunge and paint the whole wall black. Or if that’s too overpowering, incorporate it in small accents like mirror frames, hardware, lighting fixtures, and vanities.

Pair it with whites to create contrast and tone it; or with rich, gold/brass tones for an opulent look fit for royalty.


8. Marble

The luxurious marble
Credit: Findsurfaces

If there’s one trend that has consistently reigned over the years and still is, it’s marble. It has a classic upscale and glam feel to it.

An all-white marble bathroom is the most used. But you can deviate from the norm and opt for zebrino or paonazzo, which is bold and distinct and has an interesting twist.


9. Brass/gold brushed

The 9 Hottest Bathroom Trends Right Now - brass brushed accents
Credit: Cococozy

Brass is back and better. Unlike the traditional shiny, polished chrome brass common in the ‘80s, the new one is warm and oozes luxury. And seamlessly fit into any color palette or interior theme.

Add hints of these glamorous tones in your mirror frames, lighting fixture, hardwired fittings, and shower railings. Remember, it works best when induced in small doses as an accent color and not on a grander scale.


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