7 Cozy Home Decor Gifts to Give Out this Christmas

All about home decor gifts for the holidays, no regifting guaranteed

Gift hunting during this busy holiday season can be hell, right? Especially when shopping for the home decor junkie in your life. You know, the people who never truly complete decorating a room; those who spend hours browsing through Pinterest.

There lies a lot of uncertainty.

What if you buy something they already own? Suppose they don’t like your gift and, instead, re-gift it? What if your present doesn’t fit into their interior theme?

I feel you.

Being certain of someone’s needs is no easy task, whether it’s your relative or that coworker you barely know. Luckily, there are home decor pieces that universally work on everyone’s home, regardless of style and taste.

We will show you 7 home decor gifts guaranteed to dazzle your home decor enthusiast.


1. Throw Pillows

Home decor gifts - throw pillows
Credit: mygoodyshop

Throw pillows inject personality, vibrancy, and a pop of color to a mundane room. They also complement the couch and elevate any room’s coziness.

A huge advantage with throw pillows is they come in an array of colors, texture, and price.


2. Scented Candles

Scented candles
Credit: Osmology

An alluring fragrance instantly makes any space more inviting. That pleasant aroma emanating from it is soothing and has been scientifically proven to aid in relaxation.

Gift your home decor fanatic Christmas-scented candles to tune them into the festivities. Or a fruity-scented one that will still prove handy long after the holiday season is over.

A beautiful container holding the candle is just as important as the candle itself. Choose one that looks as good as it smells.


3. Flower Vases

Home decor gifts - flower vases

A flower vase doesn’t have to hold flowers. It can house candles, act as a centerpiece when corralled together with other accents, or as a standalone decor piece.

Decorative vases are statement pieces and add character and flair – even without flowers. Clear glass ones, on the other hand, are simple yet classy and well-suited for minimalists.


4. Houseplants

Credit: artisa_los

You know what will last longer than fresh flowers? Houseplants.

It’s the ultimate gift if the recipient is a plant lover.

opt for succulents as they require little to low maintenance.


Pro tip: Get a chic pot to add a unique twist to an already superb present. 


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5. Bookends

Home decor gifts - bookends
Credit: Polyvore

Is your friend an avid reader? If so, they’d cherish this gift.

See Also

Bookends stylishly elevate any desk or shelf, and keep your book lover’s library safe and polished.


6. Photo frames

Gorgeous photo frames
Credit: Linlydesigns

There’s a high probability that your gift recipient has tons of photos but only lacking an elegant way to frame them.

Photo frames provide a glamorous way to display your favorite memories. They finesse your photos and amplify its aesthetic appeal.


7. Throw Blanket

Home decor gifts - throw blankets
Credit: cb2

There’s no chair that wouldn’t benefit from a thick, plush throw blanket.

They are snuggly, bring with it a sense of warmth, and are perfect for cozying up during those cold evenings or when binging on your favorite movie. What’s there not to love?

Opt for the plush, velvety, high-piled throws as they are warmer and feel luxurious brushing against the skin.



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