5 Must-Have Spanish Bathroom Accessories

All about Spanish bathroom accessories to transform your bathroom into a melting pot of colors.

The Spanish design style is renowned for its vibrancy, attractiveness, and warmth. It draws its influences from diverse cultures, namely Greek, Italy, and Turkey; and the surrounding scenic Mediterranean region.

Most design elements, therefore, mimic the natural beauty found within there. Think hot summers, bright sun, cool sea, and vivid earth.

The result of this mingling is an eclectic yet classy; bold but still tranquil visually distinctive style that has taken the 2020 design space by storm.


Spanish Bathroom Accessories:

1. Clawfoot bathtubs

5 Must-Have Spanish Bathroom Accessories - clawfoot tubs
Credit: Housebeautiful

Albeit common in vintage bathrooms, clawfoot bathtubs are much employed in Spanish bathrooms.

Call more attention to your bathtub using vivid elements like a deep red bath mat, brash brushed shower head, an intricately patterned curtain in the background, or a lemon yellow bathtub.

Alternatively, place your tub atop elaborately patterned tiles to draw the eye towards it.


2. Statement lighting fixtures

Eye-catching lighting fixtures
Credit: Lauradeedesign

An attention-grabbing chandelier completes the ornate Spanish feel while drawing the eye upwards. It oozes class and charisma.

Any chandelier style can be used, depending on your desired look. Beware, though, that chandeliers are ideal for large bathrooms and heightened ceilings.

3. Intricate patterns

Detailed patterns
Credit: Mydomaine

As you know, this style is anything but boring.

Display detailed, geometric patterns in your tiles, shower and window curtains. The wall art can feature abstract patterns in vibrant colors or seaside scenes to emulate the Mediterranean landscape.

Add some fringes on your curtains as well to enhance various textures.

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4. Colorful tiles

5 Must-Have Spanish Bathroom Accessories - colorful tiles
Credit: Housetohome

I know, tiles are not really an accessory. But it forms such a huge part of the Spanish style that it would be a mistake not to include it.

Talavera and the colorful terracotta tiles are the most commonly used ones. Talavera is a 100% handmade and hand-painted Mexican tile, thus, sprinkling an authentic touch.

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Terracotta, on the other hand, frequently lays the foundation in most Spanish-styled homes. You’d previously find only rusty red and burnt orange terracotta tiles, but various color palettes are emerging.

If you can, install a few tiles to dress up the mirror, on countertops, or tabletops to elevate a plain-looking bathroom and add traditional charm.


5. Bright colors

5 Must-Have Spanish Bathroom Accessories - bright colors
Credit: Frenchandfrenchinteriors

Bold and bright colors are synonymous with Spanish design style: the sunshine yellows, sparkling blues, lime greens, and bright pinks.

Earthy tones like deep red, subtle olive green, and rusty orange are also prevalent and invoke a warm, welcoming touch.

It’s safe to showcase the bold colors in small accents like curtains, flower pots, or mirror frames – and muted earthy tones on the walls. To complement and tone down the vibrancy, pair with shades of white.


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